A Video of a Chinese Town That Looks Like a Sci-Fi Movie is Surprising Everyone.

The rail system in city of China shown in the video gives the city a sci-fi feel.

Chinese cities are surprisingly ahead of the curve in terms of infrastructure. Many countries today look to Chinese cities to learn how to lay out their cities. Better transport facilities are another area of focus. A video proving this has captured the minds of netizens. Erik Solheim, president of the Green Belt and Road Institute and a former Norwegian diplomat, posted this video on Twitter. Erik Solheim shared the scene from the city of Chongqing in Southwest China. He has shared the video with the title ‘This is a wonderful, well-known light rail system in Chongqing, China’. Two Twitter profiles @TripInChina @visitchongqing are mentioned in the post.

Erik Solheim himself has compared the city to a sci-fi movie. Most people who have seen the video are of the opinion that this parable of his is true. The video, which lasts only seconds, shows the beautiful scenery of Chongqing city, which is arranged in a way that everyone wants to visit at least once. The video first shows a light metro running with beautiful orange stickers. These light metro trains are highlighted throughout the video. The combination of the beautiful rail system and the skywalks and streets of gives us the feeling of watching a sci-fi movie.

Reactions to the ‘Sci-Fi City of China’:

The video, which was posted only hours ago, has already been viewed by more than 73,000 people. Most people admire the rulers who prepared the city of Chongqing in this way. A netizen commented that ‘yes, this is what development in just last 30 yrs’. One person commented that the city shown in the video looks very artificial. He also noted that we need eco-friendly development.

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