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AP Surya Shakti Scheme Application Form PDF is using to obtain Surya Shakti benefits of Andhra Government. Now, electricity are the indispensable part of our life. There have many sources for electricity generation. The common way of electricity generation familiar for us is electricity production through hydropower or dams. But that’s not the only way for electricity generation. Many countries like India are now generating electricity through traditional ways like nuclear energy, coal, wind, natural gas etc. Nowadays, Solar panels or solar energy are the latest and popular way of electricity.

There have so many benefits for electricity production and we will discuss it later. Our Central Government and State Governments are very supportive to widespread solar panels on every home by giving subsidy and designing various schemes like Surya Shakti Scheme of Andhra Pradesh. Majority of schemes designed by various schemes to induce solar panels at home are very similar by included a subsidy for applicant.

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Solar Revolution in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh Government initiated Surya Shakti Scheme for offering subsidy for customers going to fix rooftop solar panels on their home. A solar energy revolution is happening on Andhra Pradesh and state is far forward when comparing to other states in utilizing solar energy for electricity production. As per the reports 2021, Andhra Pradesh are producing 4116 megawatt (MW) of electricity through solar panels. The main agenda behind solar panel projects are to supply electricity for agricultural sector at low cost. AP Government are planning to produce 10,000 MW of electricity by establishing solar parks. Recently government is partnered with three reputed companies to implement rooftop solar project or Surya Shakti scheme. The companies are following:

  • Rays Power Experts Private Limited from Jaipur
  • Junna Solar Systems Private Limited from Hyderabad
  • Sun Sine Solutions Private Limited from Chennai

There have 13 solar parks across Andhra Pradesh and five of them are situating on Anantapur district. 7 solar parks of the state are owned by private organizations 3 solar parks are owned by Government of India. Let’s look to the list of solar parks owned by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Ananthapuramu – II Mega Solar ParkAPGENCOTalaricheruvu of Anantapur district400 MW
Kadapa Ultra Mega Solar ParkENGIEPonnampalle of Kadapa District250 MW
Mudasarlova Reservoir Solar ParkAPGENCOVisakhapatnam2 MW

Objectives of Promoting Solar:

You can see that, governments are promoting solar panels than other electricity generation methods. There have significant reasons behind promoting solar and few of them are following.

  • The electricity generation through solar energy requires less efforts and cost.
  • Solar panels are eco-friendly and it requires very less water for maintenance than other electricity generation methods.
  • Solar panels is a investment and a customer can earn with that by selling remaining electricity to power-supply organizations.
  • The sun-light is everywhere any household with a simple setup of solar can turn sunlight to electricity.

Benefits of Surya Shakti Scheme:

The are many direct and indirect benefits about government and a customer by utilizing sun light for electricity generation. Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (APSPDCL) is the public undertaking company responsible for implementation of Surya Shakti Scheme. Anyway, Following are the benefits about a customer by implementing rooftop solar on their household.

  • APSPDCL will setup 1 KW photovoltaic solar panel at rooftop of your household for Rs. 10,000. The actual rate of solar panel with these specification are Rs, 60,000.
  • The government will set up a rooftop solar at home by estimating requirements of your home.
  • A Customer can sell electricity remaining after their use to APSPDCL. APSPDCL will pay a reasonable amount for electricity you selling to them.

Eligibility of Surya Shakti Scheme:

The Surya Shakti Scheme is limited to some cities only and recently the project is extended to Guntur City. So you have to check that the scheme is available on your location by contacting nearest APSPDCL office. Other eligibilities are the following.

  • The applicant must have a 100 sq. ft shadow free rooftop. 100 sq. ft is the minimum area and there is no problem in applicant have more area than that.
  • After your applications done Mee Seva center, the APSPDCL authorities will inspect the place you are looking to fix solar panels. The satisfactory feasibility report will leads to providing of solar panels with a free 5 years of maintenance.
  • Household users of 1KW are only eligible for the scheme. Also, APSPDCL will install solar panels for whole household and will not install it separately for electric motors.

Steps to Register for Surya Shakti Scheme:

There have certain documents to submit with Suraya Shakti Scheme application for inspection and approval of solar panel units. The application are doing through online and it’s better to proceed to that by make sure you have all the mandatory documents.

Mandatory Documents:

  • The registration documents and plan of the household to prove that the applicant are holding 100 sq. ft of shadow free space to install solar panel unit. The APSPDCL authorities will schedule a inspection to your premises to verify that the submitted documents are accurate.
  • The recent electricity bills to prove energy consumption of the household. As mentioned earlier, 1 KW users are only eligible for Surya Shakti scheme benefits.
  • Income certificate to prove that applicant are eligible for subsidy. The income limits are not specified on official guidelines and it will decided by authorities by verifying your documents.
  • Documents to prove that you are a permanent resident of the city allowed to apply for Surya Shakti scheme.
  • Passport size photograph of applicant.
  • Contact details like email & phone number.
  • Bank account details and identity proofs like Aadhar and Voter ID card.

Apply Online Now:

Interested persons can apply online now by approaching your nearest Mee Seva center. Please, make sure that you have all the essential documents before application submission. The authorities will reject your application in case of wrong or faulty documents. The Mee Seva center will charge Rs. 50 as their application processing charge. The Southern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh will schedule an appointment for inspecting your house and they will prepare feasibility report by looking premises. The solar panel unit will install at house rooftop within some weeks upon satisfactory feasibility reports. Offline application form given below.

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