Are You Dare to Find The Word ‘Defect’ From The Brain Teaser in 10 Seconds?

Get ready to shake your lazy mind. This is the best opportunity for you to challenge your own mind. What you need to find today is the word ‘Defect’.

Spot word defect challenge

Brain teasers are the best chance to equip your brain to accept challenges. You can easily cope with big challenges only if we get used directly to smaller smaller challenges like brain teasers. Moreover, brain teasers can turn our thinking into sharp. Many questions can be solved within seconds if we start thinking of our brain sharply. So you should approach this challenge seriously.

Find ‘Defect’ Brain Teaser:

You can see several words on the yellow surface in today’s challenge picture. You may have noticed the word ‘Dcfect’. ‘Dcfect’ is the misspelled format of the word ‘Defect’. The word ‘Defect’ is also in this picture. Today’s million-dollar question is whether it can be found in just 10 seconds. You don’t have to be a disappointed if you can’t find it on the first attempt. We’ll give you the opportunity to make a second attempt with a hint.

It’s not just ‘Dcfect’ in this picture. Find the ‘Defect’ in the picture.

Spot word defect challenge
Remember, 10 seconds is your time limit.
Be ready to crack this challenge.
Clocked started ticking now.
10 seconds finished.

A Hint For You:

We are happy to help you for finding the ‘Defect’. If we divide the challenge picture into two, the word ‘Defect’ is on the left side. This hint is the maximum help we can do for you.

Let’s challenge yourself again by spending another ten seconds. Verify your answer from below if you completed the challenge.

Solution of Find ‘Defect’:

As you can see, the word ‘Defect’ is on the left middle. Let’s take Spot The Famous Club ‘PSG’ if you like these kind of challenges.

Answer of Find word defect challenge


Why do we need brain teasers?

Brain teasers are the easy way to challenge our brain. By taking brain teasers regularly, you can increase your memory power.

What are word brain teasers called?

Rebus puzzle are also known as word brain teasers. Picture puzzles are also included in the rebus puzzle category.

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