Are You Genius to Spot Thirteen Faces Concealed on The Optical Illusion Wonder?

Today we are going to introduce you to an optical illusion wonder. After taking this challenge you have to complete it within 25 seconds.

Spot hidden faces in the forest

You may have seen many types of optical illusion pictures. According to studies, optical illusion images are classified into three categories. The three optical illusion types are literal, physiological, and cognitive. All these three optical illusion images have their own characteristics. Optical illusion challenges usually fall into the category of literal optical illusions. Literal optical illusions belong to the category of pictures that are created in a way that our mind cannot understand at a glance. We can interpret such images from multiple perspectives.

Spot 13 Faces Challenge:

Thirteen faces have been included in today’s challenge picture by the person who drew it. Hard to believe isn’t it? Unfortunately you have to believe it. The challenge for you is to spot all these 13 faces in just 25 seconds. This is a tough challenge. So be warned that you will only be able to fully decode this image if you move very carefully.

Are you ready to start decoding?

find thirteen hidden faces from forest
Concentrate your entire focus on this challenge.
Your 25 seconds starts now
Just 12 Seconds left.
Sorry. The time exceeded.

Let us Help You to Decode:

At first glance, most people would have decoded two or three faces from the image. It is likely to be the faces given in the form of stones at the bottom.

Then Take a close look at the green trees in the far back. You can decode about six faces from there alone.

Most of the remaining facies are in the form of stones. You can see each faces by looking carefully. We have to admire the talent of artist before concluding this challenge.

Some people say that there are 17 faces in this picture. When the faces of the rider and the horses are added, we get the number 17.

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