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Brain Challenge: Help the Boy to Find Shoe Within 13 Seconds

This is this boy’s room. He seems to be a very mischievous child. The room is cluttered with toys. The problem now is that this child is missing a shoe. It would be great if you could help him find it.

find shoe from image

He has been looking for a shoe for a long time. He has put a shoe on his feet. All you have to do is to find the remaining shoe from this room cluttered with toys. He urgently needs to go out. So you have to find the shoe within the next 13 seconds.

Let’s Find the Shoe…!

find shoe from image
Here is the challenge image.
You have to find the shoe in next 13 seconds… Your time starts now…

Yours 13 seconds finished… Do you got it within 13 seconds?… We know that majority of you got the show within less than ten seconds.

It wasn’t that difficult. But there are still people who can’t find shoes. If yes we can help you by giving you a clue.

Clue: It's very near to badminton racquet

Only those with very good observation skills can complete this challenge within 13 seconds. If such people participate in more brain challenges, the IQ level will increase well. For those who are still unable to find the shoes, the answer is shared below.

Image Credit: Bright Side

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