Brain Puzzle: Do You Have Observation Skill to Spot Two ‘Rainbow’ in 13 Seconds?

Rainbows are always a wonder to us. There are many stories and poems describing rainbows. Today we are going to face a challenge with the word ‘Rainbow’.

Find 2 rainbow challenge

There is no one who does not know how rainbows are formed in the atmosphere. But we will tell you about it once again. Rainbows are formed when sunlight hits water particles. Rainbows are created when the processes of dispersion of light, reflection and refraction combine. On some occasions, rainbows are very visible. But sometimes we can see rainbows in thin form. A rainbow consists of colors known as VIBGYOR. VIBGYOR is an abbreviation of the colors Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. We hope you have learned some things here about rainbows that you did not know.

Spot ‘Rainbow’ Challenge:

There are two ‘Rainbows’ in the challenge picture you are currently watching. The champions of this challenge are those who find both of them in just 13 seconds. But give it a try.

Let’s spot the two ‘Rainbow’.

Find 2 rainbow challenge
Shall we proceed?.
Be ready, we are going to begin.
Timer of 13 seconds starts now.
13 seconds finished.

Hint to Trace Two ‘Rainbow’;

Did you trace both ‘Rainbows’? Kudos to those who did. Hopefully you did it in 13 seconds. Let us give you a hint for those who are worried about the answer. Hope those who struggle with this challenge will reattempt after reading Hint.

Hint: One at the right and the remaining one at the left

Spoiler alert. Don’t scroll below by mistake. We are going to show you the answer below.

Answer of Spot Two ‘Rainbow’ Challenge:

The first ‘Rainbow’ is at the third row. And the second one is at the forth row from the bottom. Do you like take another one. If yes you can spot ‘Cartoon’ from the next challenge.

Answer of spot 2 word rainbow from this puzzle

Image Credit: SparkPDF

Spot Two ‘Rainbow’ – FAQ:

Which puzzle is best for brain?

All kind of puzzles are good for brain. The crosswords, word puzzles, spot the difference challenge, Find odd one out are recommended to do on daily basis to boost skill of your brain.

Do puzzles improve memory?

Yes, you can also feel that by taking too many puzzles over a period of one month. Not only memory, puzzles can improve observation skill too.

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