Brain Teaser: Are You Intelligent To Spot The Mistake of The Picture Within 8 Seconds?

There is a mistake in this picture of pouring rain. Your challenge is to find it Within just eight seconds.

Find the mistake in this image

One of the best benefits of brain teasers is that they improve problem solving skills. We do not mean that solving a brain teaser alone will improve problem solving skills. We recommend solving at least 5 brain teasers a day continuously. This will gradually increase your problem skill. Problem skills built like this will help us all overcome challenges in our lives. Not just problem solving skills, studies have shown that brain games can also improve critical thinking skills.

Spot the Mistake Challenge:

We can see many people standing under umbrellas at a bus stop during heavy rains. An intentional mistake has been made in this image. You need to find that mistake. Wouldn’t it be more fun if we set a time limit of 8 seconds?.

Are you ready to spot the mistake?

Find the mistake in this image
Just eight seconds is allotted for you to accomplish this challenge.
Clocked started ticking.
Time is up.

Hint to Crack This Challenge:

Most of the people would have understood the mistake in the picture in one glance. But we know that some persons still struggling to complete this challenge. Let me give you a hint for such people.

Hint: The mistake is related to a lady

Answer Discussion:

Decoding this image is not that difficult. As mentioned in the hint given above, the mistake in the picture is related to a woman. Did you notice the young lady wearing a red dress standing on the right side? Everyone else has an umbrella except this woman. Even though it rained so much and the umbrella was not with her, the woman did not get wet. That is the only mistake in this picture.

Image Source: Bright Side

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