Brain Teaser: Can You Spot 7 Differences Between The Pictures in 24 Seconds?

Finding the difference between pictures is a favorite activity for adults as well as children. Today we have come up with such a new spot the difference challenge.

Spot 7 differences challenge
Spot 7 Differences Challenge

Two pictures that look similar at first glance. You have to find the difference between this pictures at spot the difference challenges. We can undoubtedly say that such challenges can increase our inner creativity. Such challenges play a crucial role in developing many skills in children. Anyone who attempts such challenges can easily spot some differences between the images. But not all differences are detectable. He must be so intelligent to spot all the differences. Not everyone has this intelligence. Solving puzzles daily is the best way to develop intelligence.

Spot 7 Differences Challenge:

In the picture you see a dog searching for something to eat among the piled up waste. We can see a few bottles and fruit peels in both pictures. There are seven differences in total between these two pictures. Can you spot all these differences in just 24 seconds? Wish you all the best.

Are you confident?

Spot 7 differences challenge
Compare both pictures to find all differences.
Clock started running. Time limit is 24 seconds
24 seconds is up

Hint to Spot Few Differences:

You have already been told that there are 7 differences between these pictures. How many differences have you found in these now? We think everyone would have found at least one or two differences. Now we are going to give a hint to find a three differences.

Hint: Take a look at the greenery behind the waste. You can find two differences there. Similarly, you can find a difference in the dog’s body.

Here we have given only hint to find only three differences. You have to find the remaining four differences yourself without a hint

Answer of Spot Difference Challenge:

The differences between these images are marked in yellow in the second image. If you want to attempt similar challenges, then try our next spot the difference challenge.

Spot 7 Differences Answer

Image Source: Pinterest

Spot 7 Differences Challenge – FAQ:

What is the fastest way to spot a difference?

Look consistently to both images at the same and comparing them is the fastest way to spot a difference. Remember to note each difference in your memory if there have lot of differences.

How do you play spot the difference game?

It’s too easy and fun. You have to compare the two images supplied by the challenging person and spot the difference between them. Remember to obey time bound if have any.

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