Brain Teaser: Can You Spot All 6 Difference Between The Picture’s Within 30 Seconds?

Spot the difference challenges will help our concentration to increase. The challenge we are giving you today is to find the difference from two pictures.

Find 6 differences between these pictures challenge
Spot 6 Difference Challenge

Spot the difference challenges can significantly improve scanning skills. This is not the only benefit of such a challenge. As we said in the beginning, spot the difference challenges are also useful for concentration. Do you understand what is meant by scanning skills? I will tell you about it briefly. When we get a spot-the-difference picture in front of us, we start analyzing every inch of it. But then we can find the difference. This is a very patient process. Through this scanning we can get many other skills without even aware of it. Patience is one of them. Because it is a test with many advantages, Spot the Difference challenge has been included in the syllabus of all our children.

Spot The Difference Challenge:

We can see many animals in today’s 2 challenge pictures. We can see animals like elephant, giraffe, lion, monkey, crocodile and hippopotamus in the picture. At first glance you may not think there is any difference between these two pictures. I couldn’t see anything either. But when I looked closely, I realized that there are some differences between these pictures. You have to find 6 differences between these two pictures in just 30 seconds. We challenge you to do so.

Let’s spot the six differences.

FinD 6 differences between these pictures challenge
Compare both images carefully.
Remember, there is six differences between the pictures.
Just 30 seconds is the time bound.
Time is up.

Hint to Spot Differences:

Are you tired of searching for the difference between these two images? If so, we are here to help you. I assume that at least a few have already noticed some differences. We are going to give you the hint to find some of the differences.

Hint: One difference on the sky, three on the water and two on the land

Here we have given only a small indication of where the differences lie. Use our hint if you find it useful.

Answer of Spot Six Difference Challenge:

How many differences have you already found? Did our earlier hint help you in any way? Anyway, we are going to share with you the answer of this one spot difference challenge.

  1. The position of red colored bird
  2. Tongue of lion
  3. Eye of Hippo
  4. Tale of crocodile
  5. Plant on the water
  6. Banana disappeared
The 6 Differences Spotted

Image Source: Pinterest

Spot 6 Difference Challenge – FAQ:

How do you play spot the differences?

It’s too easy. You have to compare the two images in front of you during spot the difference challenges. You must note each difference upon finding them.

What does spot the difference do for your brain?

Spot the differences are best for both childrens and adults. The main benefit of spot the difference challenge for brain is spatial reasoning,

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