Brain Teaser: Can You Spot The Word ‘Academy’ Within Just 11 Seconds?

Can you find the word ‘Academy’ from today’s challenge picture?. If you can find the answer in 10 seconds, you too can become a champion.

Spot word Academy challenge

Solving brain teasers should not be seen by you merely as a time pass. Brain teasers can make significant changes in your attitude. Brain teasers can make a significant increase in your attention spin time. Nowadays everyone’s attention span is very low. Therefore, we are not able to focus on certain things, including studies and work.

You would do well to understand that excessive social media use is mainly responsible for the decrease in our attention span. You can feel your increased attention span as the brain teaser begins to be patiently resolved. Brain teasers should not give you a instant result. You should take more brain teasers daily to increase attention span.

Spot ‘Academy’ Challenge:

From today’s challenge picture you need to find the word ‘Academy’. How long will it take for you to find the ‘Academy’? The time we allow is just 11 seconds. This is a lot of time. Taking more than 11 seconds for you to find ‘Academy’ indicates that you have very little observation skills.

You have to hunt for ‘Academy’

Spot word Academy challenge
Be focused and confident. We are going to start the challenge.
Clocked started ticking now.
11 seconds finished.

Hint to Find ‘Academy’:

Do you nailed it?. If ‘yes’, kudos to all of you. We know that still a few people are struggling without finding the word ‘Academy’. We’d like to search for a hint for them.

Hint: The word ‘Academy’ is at the bottom side

Don’t be lazy. You must reattempt the challenge after reading the hint. After, you can have a look to the answer discussion at the next section.

Answer of Find ‘Academy’:

The ‘Academy’ is in the second row from the bottom. Do you feel the desire to take on more challenges of this kind?. If so, try to find the word ‘Movie’.

Answer of Find word academy challenge


Are brain teasers just a time pass?

No. We get a lot of benefits through brain teasers. Some of them are the increase in memory power and attention span.

Are brain teasers a productive habit?

Of course, brain teasers and puzzles are all a productive habit because we get many advantages when we solve brain teasers.

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