Brain Teaser: Do You Have Eagle Eye to Spot The Real Owl Within Just 7 Seconds?

Optical illusion challenges don’t always have to be so difficult. Many challenges are easy enough for anyone to complete. It only requires strong observation skills. Brain teasers are very important as they improve cognitive skills very well. Brain teasers including optical illusion challenges can also enhance the intellectual development in children. Practicing productive habits like brain teasers is much better than today’s harmful habits like video gaming.

Find the Real Owl Challenge:

A glance with Focus is all it takes to complete many optical illusion challenges. But some challenges can be a bit little complicated. Such challenges can be completed only by spending a little more time. Here is a challenge that can be cracked at a glance if you look with insane focus. In the picture you can see many different types of owls arranged on the shelf. At first glance you may think that all owls are toys. But not so. It has only one living owl. You have to find that owl in just 7 seconds. That is today’s challenge for you.

Let’s go and trace the real owl

Find the real owl challenge
It is recommended to observe each owl very carefully. But don’t consume too many time.
It’s matter of few seconds. Your seven seconds starts now.
Time finished.

Here’s a hint for those who haven’t reach to the answer yet. The real owl is on the top rack. Try again. Surely you can find the answer. The picture was taken from the Scottish Owl Center in United Kingdom. The Scottish Owl Center in Whitburn is home to over 100 species of owls from around the world. If you want to see many rare species of owls in person, you can visit this place. You can get a lot of amazing knowledge from there.

Solution of Find the Real Owl:

It has already been hinted that the real owl is sitting on the top rack. Many may have arrived at the answer using that hint. If you look at the owl’s face, everyone will quickly understand which is the real owl. I hope you understand that there is a marked difference between the face of a real owl and a toy owl. In the picture you see a spectacled owl that is only 5 weeks old. This is a species found only in the Amazon rainforest. The owl’s parents and sibling are also currently at the Scottish Owl Centre.

Image Credit: SWNS

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