Brain Teaser: Find The Famous Word ‘POKEMON’ From The Picture Within 11 Seconds

Today we have come with a challenge that can shake your mind for a while. Today’s challenge word is ‘POKEMON’.

Find word pokemon

Pokémon is an animated character that has been in the minds of people since 1996. Many of you probably grew up watching the Pokémon anime series when you were young. Since today’s challenge is called Pokémon, let me tell you a little more about the history of Pokémon. The world famous Japanese video gaming company, Nintendo, gave birth to the character of Pokémon. Pokémon has come to us in many forms over the past 28 years. You probably remember the last one for sure. Pokémon games have become a huge hit, including in America. Perhaps the new generation will be introduced to Pokémon through this game.

Find ‘POKEMON’ Challenge:

Before we jump into the challenge, we have one thing to ask you. Are you ready to face this challenge? Only if you are mentally prepared, you can answer this challenge within the time limit set by us. Now let me tell you about the challenge. You have only 11 seconds. You should catch the word ‘POKEMON’ from the picture within this time. If you are ready, welcome to our challenge box.

Are you ready to trace ‘POKEMON’?

Find word pokemon
First of all, be focused for next 11 seconds
Let’s start
Time started ticking now.
Tik Tok 1
11 seconds ended.

Hint to Find ‘POKEMON’:

We know you’re not one to give up. We think most people have got the answer. But there is probably a minority among us who still haven’t found the answer. Let me give you a hint for them. Try your best to find ‘POKEMON’.

Hint: ‘POKEMON’ is at the left

Let’s Discuss Answer:

As mentioned on the hint, the word ‘POKEMON’ is at the left side of the picture. To be exact, the ‘POKEMON’ is at the third row.

Answer of Find Pokemon From This Word Puzzle

Image Credit: SparkPDF


What are types of brain teasers?

Officially, there are three types of brain teasers. These are rhyming words, magic squares and rebus puzzle. But we it’s ok to include all kind of puzzles and challenges in brain teaser category.

What brain teaser means?

Brain teaser is a kind of challenges for brain. Every contestant have to put some effort from our side to solve such brain teasers.

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