Brain Teaser: Persons With High IQ Can Only Find ‘Wednesday’ Within 14 Seconds

If you can find the word ‘Wednesday’ in under 14 seconds, we’ll admit you have a high IQ. Give it a try.

Find Word Wednesday

Wednesday is a day between Tuesday and Thursday for us. That means Wednesday is the third day of the week. When most people hear ‘Wednesday’, what comes to mind is a 2022’s Netflix series in the same name. ‘Wednesday’ is a popular comedy horror series starring Jenna Ortega. Yes, Jenna Ortega herself is the picture you see in the background of today’s challenge picture. Let’s move on to the challenge.

Spot ‘Wednesday’ Challenge:

Brain teasers are the best way to keep our thinking power active. The challenge you are going to do today belongs to the optical illusion category. Needless to say, all optical illusion challenges are brain teasers. We reminds you that only if you approach this challenge with good focus, you will be able to reach the answer very quickly. There are more than 150 words in today’s challenge picture. You can see that 99.8 percent of the words given on the picture are the wrong form of the word ‘Wednesday’. There is one and only ‘Wednesday’ in the picture. We are challenging to find ‘Wednesday’ within 14 seconds.

Let’s Ready to Crack this ‘Wednesday’ Challenge.

Find Word Wednesday
As told earlier, you have just 14 seconds to finish this challenge
Yours 14 seconds starting now.
Time is up.

Clues to Crack ‘Wednesday’ Challenge:

We created the 14 second time bound to set a challenging mood. You can take more time and attempt the challenge if you want. Don’t scroll below before finding the answer because we are discussed the answer at next section.

We want to give a clue for those who struggle. If we divide the picture into 2 parts, the clue for you is that the left part has the answer. This means that you only need to focus to the left to find ‘Wednesday’.

Solution of ‘Wednesday’ Challenge:

In the challenge picture, ‘Wednesday’ is in the sixth row on the left side. We think most people have located it. Those who have successfully completed this challenge will be given another challenge. Your next challenge is to find the word ‘Cricket’ within 12 seconds.

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