Brain Teaser: Help the Groom to Trace the Wedding Ring Within 13 Seconds

What if the wedding ring is missing during the engagement? The groom is facing such a problem here. Do you help to spot the wedding ring?.

find wedding ring within few seconds

We can all try brain teasers daily to boost our memory. Setting aside at least 20 minutes a day for brain teasers and puzzles will increase your productivity. Today we introduce you to a brain teaser that will take you just seconds to complete. The scenario you can see on the picture is a disappointing situation. The faces of bride and groom look ugly. The problem here is that the wedding ring is missing. If you put your mind to it, you can definitely spot it. Today’s challenge is to find the wedding ring from this picture within just 13 seconds.

Let’s dive to the challenge.

find wedding ring within few seconds
Here is the challenge picture.
As discussed earlier, you have to help the groom to find wedding ring. Next 13 seconds is your’s.

Do you spotted the wedding ring within 13 seconds?. If ‘yes’, you have an amazing observation skill. If the challenge is completed within 13 seconds, it is not a small thing.

According to our calculations, an average person might take 20 to 30 seconds to find the wedding ring from this image. But those who finish the challenge within 13 seconds have extraordinary powers of observation. If you haven’t been able to spot the wedding ring after all this time, here’s a clue.

Clue: It's on the upper side of the picture.

We are assuming that all of you can accomplish the challenge with this clue. Those who are poor in observation skills can improve it by participating in more brain challenges. It’s amazing if you can comment how many seconds did you take to complete this challenge. The answer of the challenge is shared below.

Image credit: Bright Side

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