Brain Teaser: Help the Man to Spot Wallet Within 12 Seconds

Went to a luxury restaurant and had food. But when they tried to pay the bill, they could not find the wallet. It’s such a terrible situation. Can you help them?

help man to find wallet

Isn’t it a new knowledge for many that we can increase our productivity through brain teasers?. You know that only those with good concentration can solve brain teasers within few seconds. So after solving each brain teasers your concentration will be high. This one thing will lead to an increase in your productivity.

Let this situation never happen to anyone. Have you not seen their faces? They are very nervous. The waiter is very angry. They never came to eat without paying. Unfortunately, their wallet full of money went missing. Your task is to find their wallet within the next 12 seconds. Hope you do.

Let’s find the wallet

help man to find wallet
Here is the challenge picture.
As discussed earlier, help both of them to escape from such a terrible situation. Let’s find their wallet within 12 seconds. You time starts now.

Yours 12 seconds finished… Do you got the wallet?. If ‘Yes’, we are praising your efforts.

Completing this challenge within 12 seconds is only possible for those with excellent observational skills. Those with poor observation skills may take up to 30 seconds. If you haven’t been able to complete it so far, let me give you a clue.

Clue: Observe the chairs closely

That’s all. I know that you will accomplished it. It’s more fun if you can share the time taken to finish this challenge in the comment section. The answer of the challenge is shared below.

the wallet is at between hair and chair

Image Credits: Bright Side

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