Brain Teaser IQ Test: Do You Have Sharp Observation Skill to Spot Monkey Within 12 Seconds?

Today we have come up with a brain teaser that you can solve very easily if you have the best observation skills. Give it a try to solve.

Find monkey challenge

What you need to do in order to solve brain teasers is the observation skill. Those with exceptional observation skills can only solve brain teasers at a glance. Observation skill is something that we can build up. Now you’re wondering how to do that. We’ll tell you the best way to do that. The kind of brain teasers you’re going to end up with right now is the way to do that. The more brain teasers you attend, the better your observation skill will be.

Spot Monkey Challenge:

There is a zoo in today’s picture. We can see four giraffes. A lot of children and adults have come to the zoo to see these giraffes. Some even try to snap a picture of the giraffe on the phone. But there’s one thing in this picture that doesn’t go unnoticed by these people or giraffes. A monkey is hiding in this picture. Will you be able to find it? If you can do that in just 12 seconds, you are a genius.

Let’s spot the hidden monkey.

Find monkey from the image
Remember, 12 seconds is your time limit.
Countdown starts now.
12 seconds finished.

Hint to Spot Monkey:

Are you still worried about not being able to find monkey. Do you think it would have been better if you had a hint? If so, we’re ready to give you a hint. Please reattempt the challenge after reading the hint.

Hint: Take a closer look at the part where the lady is standing in the picture.

Hope all of you spotted the monkey in this round. Next we are going to discuss the answer to this challenge.

Solution of Spot Monkey Challenge:

Have you noticed two baskets filled with grass for giraffes to eat. The monkey is hidden in the basket on the left side of it. You had trouble spotting the monkey exactly because the grass and monkey in the basket have the same color.

monkey spotted answer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is brain teasers?

Brain teasers are a kind of puzzle required thinking and observation to solve. Persons with high visual literacy can solve the brain teasers quickly.

What’s the major benefit of solving brain teasers?

Problem solving skills are the major benefit of solving brain teasers. Anyone can gradually increase problem-solving skill by attempting brain teasers daily.

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