Brain Teaser IQ Test: Spot 6 Hidden Words From The Garden Within 25 Seconds

Can you find 6 words hidden from this garden within a prescribed time. If you are confident that you can find it, give it a try. Let’s get into the challenge.

Find 6 hidden words from the garden
Find Six Hidden Words Brain teaser

What brain teasers do is to stimulate the human mind and keep us active. Needless to say, brain teasers are more than just a time pass. The best benefit brain teasers give us is problem solving skills. Problem solving skill is a must in our life. Whether in personal life or career, a person who has problem solving skills can advance a lot.

We have to overcome different types of challenges to solve many brain teasers. The more we try to overcome these challenges, the more our problem solving skills will improve. Needless to say, none of this happens overnight. When you continuously attempt brain teasers for many days, your problem solving skills will become evident.

Six Hidden Words Challenge:

We can see a beautiful garden in today’s challenge picture. Few people are working in this garden. There are pumpkin, corn, tomato and cucumber on the garden. In this garden itself 6 hidden words have been incorporated by the artist. The challenge of today is whether you can find it. We think that those with good observation skills can find all 6 words in just 25 seconds.

Here is today’s challenge picture.

Find hidden words from the garden
Remember that the words are embedded in this image in a way that you may not immediately discover.
The 6 sentences are on various objects in the picture.
Your 25 seconds starts now.
Time ended.
Do you want any hints?

Hints to Spot 6 Hidden Words:

We know some have already spotted 1 or 2 words. But has anyone spotted all 6 words in just 25 seconds? A salute to them. Can’t help but admire you. Let us give you the hint to find all 6 words.

Hint: Four out of six words are on the green plants. Of the remaining two, one is on the wall and one is on the pumpkin.

After reading the hint, try this challenge once again. You too will be able to identify those six words, even if it takes a little more time.

Answer of Six Hidden Words Brain Teaser:

Let’s decode the image.

  • The word ‘GARDEN’ is on the corn plant in front of shed
  • ‘BLOOM’ is on the another plant behind the shed
  • The word ‘VINE’ is on the yellow wall
  • ‘SEED’ is on the bottom of the tomato plant
  • ‘FARM’ is on the topside of cucumber plant
  • ‘DIG’ is on the pumpkin
Six Hidden Words Answer


What brain teaser means?

Brain teasers is a puzzles requires some mental effort to solve. We can also refer brain teasers as the puzzle challenging the human brains.

Do brain teasers increase IQ?

It is not possible to increase your IQ level with just a few brain teasers. We have to constantly try new types of brain teasers to increase our IQ level.

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