It’s Your Turn to Spot All 4 Seedless Watermelons From The Brain Teaser in 20 Seconds

Today we are going to attempt the find seedless watermelon challenge by famous brain teaser artist Gergely Dudás. Let’s discuss more about the challenge.

Find 4 seedless watermelons challenge

Why should you attempt brain teasers? We have a clear answer to this question. The reason why we advise you to make brain teasers a habit in life is that it is an all-in package for our self-development. Attempting brain teasers isn’t just one or two benefits you’re going to get. Now let us discuss here only one benefit that we are going to get through brain teasers.

Brain teasers will increase your concentration. Concentration and focus is one of the most essential thing in our life. Needless to say, only those who have this can reach heights in life. You attempt brain teasers for at least a month. Then you can feel your concentration increasing. That means brain teasers will help you focus more on studies if you are a student and on work if you are an employee.

Find Seedless Watermelons Challenge:

I mentioned the name of the person who made this challenge at the beginning. The ‘Find Seedless Watermelon’ challenge was created by Gergely Dudás, a Hungarian. A favorite children’s author, he is a master at making these kinds of brain teasers. Let’s check what you need to do to win this challenge. The challenge image you’re viewing has four seedless watermelon art. Your mission is to spot it exactly. We’ll give you 20 seconds. Are you sure you can find all four seedless watermelons within time bound?.

Here is the challenge image.

Spot Seedless Watermelons challenge
Try to spot all four seedless watermelons.
All the best.
You have 20 seconds to complete the challenge.
Time is up.

Hint to Spot Seedless Watermelons:

Some have already found a seedless watermelon or two. Has anyone found all four seedless watermelons in 20 seconds? If yes we appreciate your immense observation and analytical skills. Let us give you the hint to find seedless watermelons.

Hint: The two seedless watermelons locating very near to the two dolls. One of the remaining two at the far right and another one is at the bottom side.

We gave the the hint to the location of each seedless watermelons through the hint. We are recommending to reattempt the challenge again by reading the hint clearly.

Solution of Seedless Watermelon Challenge:

The position of all four seedless watermelons is marked in the image below. Can you comment below how long it took you to find these four seedless watermelons?

spotted four seedless watermelons

Image Credit: Gergely Dudás


What are brain teasers with pictures called?

It’s called rebus puzzles. The type of brain teasers is also known as picture puzzles. Picture puzzles are very common puzzle for which likes everyone.

What are types of brain teasers?

There are many types of brain teasers. Illusion brain teaser, wording brain teaser, logical brain teasers and picture brain teasers are the very common type of brain teasers.

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