Only Genius Can Find Four ‘Key’ From This Brain Teaser Puzzle Within 16 Seconds

Brain teasers are the best way to keep our mood active. If you are now ready to face a brain teaser, take a look to the find the word ‘Key’ brain teaser.

Find four keys from the image

Attempting brain teasers is a productive activity. As mentioned earlier, it will keep your brain active. You will have to think in many different ways to find the answer of a brain teasers. You’ll have to think analytically in order to solve some brain teasers. At the same time you will have to think logically to solve some other brain teasers. So brain teasers can only be solved if you think at various levels. Because of this, your mind will become more active. This activeness will last for a few more hours after the brain teasers have been resolved.

Find ‘Key’ Challenge:

Today’s challenge picture has the word 4 ‘Key’. Will you be able to find these four in just 16 seconds? This is the challenge for you today. Perhaps you won’t be able to find all four in 16 seconds. But the only real winners are those who find all 4 within the time allotted by us.

Are you ready?

Find four keys from the image
How do you feeling now?
Don’t be tensed. We will guide you to the answer.
16 seconds starts now.
Time finished

Hints to Spot Four ‘Key’s:

Some may have already discovered 2 ‘Key’. Is there anyone who spotted the 4 ‘Key’ within 16 seconds?. If so, congratulations to them. They are the champions in this challenge. We’d like to give a clue for those who haven’t invented all the 4 ‘Key’.

Hint: Three of the four ‘Key’ is at the top part of the picture and the remaining one is at the bottom part

After reading the clue, try reattempting this challenge one more time. Perhaps you will be able to win.


You can see the position of four ‘Key’ in the image provided below. Are you feeling like taking more challenges like this?. If ‘yes’, try spotting three ‘ENGLAND’.

Image Credit: SparkPDF

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