Brain Teaser: Only 12% of You Can Spot All 6 Hidden Words From The Classroom in 27 Seconds

Welcome to a new hidden words challenge. This time you have to find the hidden words within the time limit from a classroom painting.

Spot six hidden words challenge
Spot 6 Hidden Words Brain Teaser

Most brain teasers are capable of relaxing our mind. One of the brain teasers is find hidden word challenges. Maybe you have to struggle a bit to find the hidden words. But you will never lose that suffering. Lateral thinking plays a crucial role in solving brain teasers. We have to use different strategies to solve brain teasers. Don’t you solve brain teasers through indirect and creative approach? This is known as lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is useful for more than just solving brain teasers. Lateral thinking can also enhance your problem solving skills and decision making skills.

Six Hidden Words Brain Teaser:

Before attempting this brain teaser, take a look at today’s challenge picture. At first glance, you must have understood that this is a painting of a classroom. We can see the teacher and many students in the picture. There are some words hidden in many objects. Can you find these six hidden words in just 27 seconds?

Here is the challenge image.

Spot hidden words challenge
The picture may look bit little complicated.
Be focus to your goal.
Countdown of 27 seconds starts now.
Time exhausted
Are you accomplished this task?

Hint to Crack 6 Hidden Words Brain Teaser:

Are you so quick to admit defeat? Or still struggling. Finding the 6 hidden words from this classroom picture might be a bit difficult. At least some have already found a word or two. How can we not help you who are struggling? We will tell you all the words in the picture. Now you just need to spot where it is in the image.

  1. Laugh
  2. Guitar
  3. Iowa
  4. Cow
  5. Orange
  6. Wow

Answer of 6 Hidden Words Brain Teaser:

Did you lose, or did you spot all the words successfully? Below we provide the location of each word.

  • Laugh: on the orange hair of the kid at the bottom right
  • Guitar: On the book shelf
  • Iowa: On the bottom of desk of teacher
  • Cow: On the ball at right bottom
  • Orange: On the green plant
  • Wow: On the hair of kid entering to classroom

Image Credit: Bored Panda

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