Brain Teaser Puzzle: Find “FORTNITE” From the Picture Within 11 Seconds

Who doesn’t play Fortnite? We don’t think there will be. Anyway, I hope you are ready to face our ‘FORTNITE’ challenge. Let’s get started.

Find Fortnite Challenge
‘FORTNITE’ Brain Teaser Puzzle

Launched in 2017, Fortnite is the most popular video game in the world. Fortnite is a game developed by two companies, People Can Fly and Epic Games. The game Fortnite was announced in 2011. But gaming lovers had to wait 6 years for this game to be launched. Fortnite currently has over 200 million registered accounts. That is more than the registered users of popular streaming platform Netflix. We have endless things to say about Fortnite. As that is not our subject, I will not go into it further.

Find ‘Fortnite’ Challenge:

Isn’t today’s challenge picture very beautiful? You can also see the scene of Fortnite game in the background of the picture. To be precise, there are 150 words in today’s challenge picture. 149 of these are misspelled formats of Fortnite. You have to find the only ‘Fortnite’ in the picture. That too in just 11 seconds. Let’s search begins.

Let’s move to the challenge…

Find Fortnite Challenge
The challenge picture is here.
Just 11 seconds is your time limit.
Time started it’s journey. Be hurry.
11 seconds ended. Let’s try to spot ‘FORNITE’ through the hint.

Hint to Find ‘FORTNITE’:

Can you find ‘FORTNITE’ in 11 seconds? We appreciate your observation skills if possible. You have proven that you can do it. We know that some people with poor visual literacy are still searching for ‘FORTNITE’. We want to give a hint for them.

Hint: The ‘FORTNITE’ is on the left side of the picture.

Hope you will reattempt the challenge after reading the hint. We are with you. Don’t look to answer provided below until you spot the ‘FORTNITE’.

Answer of Find ‘FORTNITE’:

As you can see, the word ‘FORTNITE’ is on the left side of the challenge picture. We are admiring everyone’s effort to find the ‘FORTNITE’.

Answer of find word fortnite
‘FORTNITE’ Challenge Answer

Image Source: SparkPDF


What are types of brain teasers?

There are three types of brain teasers. Magic squares, rebus puzzle and rhyming words are that. The challenge you just attempted is included on the rebus puzzle category,

What are brain teasing puzzles?

Brain teasing puzzles are the challenges challenging the strength and skills of our brain. We have to think and analyze brain teasing puzzles to reach the solution within the prescribed time.

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