Brain Teaser: Can You Spot Three Lemons Among Lot of Bright Yellow Chicks?

Today we present to you the latest brain teaser by Gergely Dudás, one of the famous brain teaser creator.

spot three lemons

What many people don’t know today is that brain teasers help in self-development in a big way. Many people attempt brain teasers just for fun. But unbeknownst to them, brain teasers enhance the cognitive function of the brain. And creativity can be stimulated by attempting brain teasers. You can see a lot of brain teasers and puzzles in the syllabus of children studying in small classes. It suggests that brain teasers are essential for children’s intellectual development. However, brain teasers aren’t just for kids. There are many adults among us who pass the time by attempting brain teasers.

Spot Three Lemons Among Chicks:

We can mainly see a lot of yellow chicks in the challenge image. We can see chick’s weared sun glasses and hat on some chick’s head. You have to search and find three hidden lemons hidden on the picture. If you find it within 15 seconds you can win this challenge.

Hope you can trace three lemons among chicks.

spot three lemons
Your time limit will be 21 seconds.
Are you ready?
Time started running.
Time ended

Hints to Spot Three Lemons:

As you might imagine, the same yellow color of chicks and lemons fools your eyes. Some may have already spotted a lemon. But there can’t be many who spot all three lemons in 21 seconds. If there is someone like that, kudos to them. Let me give a hint about location of all lemons for those who are still struggling to find the answer.

Hint: First lemon is at the top, second one at the middle and third one is at the bottom.

Children’s Favorite Dudolf:

Gergely Dudás, a Hungarian, has produced this picture for us. He is known as Dudolf who is an expert in making such pictures. Also Dudolf is a favorite children’s author and has published many books. He has a habit of making hidden object finding picture at least once a week and sharing it on his own blog. Many of the works released in this way have become waves among netizens.

Do You Spotted Three Lemons?

As mentioned in the hint, each lemon is at the top, middle and bottom of the picture. Verify if your finding is correct by looking at the answer given below. We hope you have looked at the below answer after trying your best. Otherwise, your brain is likely to get stuck in the comfort zone. We have already shared Dudolf’s another brain teaser called Spot Three Bananas Hidden Among Lot of Minions, give it a try.

spotted the lemons answer

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