Brain Test: Spot The Word ‘ANGLING’ From The Picture Within Just 10 Seconds

The word angling is probably not so familiar for you. Angling is the synonym for fishing. Your task in this challenge is to spot the word ‘ANGLING’ accurately.

Fins word angling
Spot ‘Angling’ Brain Test

As mentioned earlier, angling is another word for fishing. But there are some slight differences in meaning between these two words. Angling is a word that refers to a particular method of fishing. Angling refers to small fishing for time pass done with rod and line. People engaged in angling at the evenings and holidays are a regular sight in countries including the United States. Angling is the favorite hobby of childrens and adults.

Find ‘ANGLING’ Challenge:

Let us just ask you a question. Do you like angling? We expect most to answer yes. What you need to find from today’s challenge picture is the word ‘ANGLING. How long do you think it will take to find out? We challenge you to spot ‘ANGLING’ within 10 seconds. We think you are ready to take on this challenge. Let’s see if you can win.

Let’s spot position of ‘ANGLING’

Fins word angling
Don’t you hope you can find ‘ANGLING’ in 10 seconds?
Try your level best. You can.
Countdown started.
10 seconds ended

Clue to Spot ‘ANGLING’:

If you haven’t been able to find ‘ANGLING’ despite your efforts in the past seconds, your visual literacy is very low. We have set up the second round to help such people. We will give you a hint to find ‘ANGLING’. After reading that clue you can proceed to the second round. The time limit for the second round is also 10 seconds.

Clue: The word ‘ANGLING’ is on the left side

Do you nailed it on the seconds round. Anyway we are going to discuss the answer on the second round.

Answer of Find ‘ANGLING’:

You can see ‘ANGLING’ roughly in the middle on the left side of the picture. Do you want to attempt more challenges like this. If so, try to find the word ‘Election’ next.

Spot ‘Angling’ Answer


What is brain test?

Brain test are the simple puzzles to check power of the brain. We can asses our observation skill and analytical skill through simple brain tests.

Why we must challenge our brain?

We must challenge our brain to escape from the lazy mood. By facing brain tests regularly, we can keep our brain active for a long period.

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