Brain Teaser: Can You Set A New Record By Spotting The Unique Face Within Just 8 Seconds?

Today we are here with a new spot odd challenge. If you can complete this challenge within 8 seconds then you are the new record holder.

Find the unique face

The issue here is how long it will take you to wind up this one challenge. Brain teasers are games that challenge our minds. Be cool while solving brain teasers. Never force anyone to solve brain teasers. The reason for that is that only those who fully submit their thinking process to the challenge can successfully wind up brain teasers.

Spot the Unique Face Challenge:

Do all the faces in the picture look the same? But the reality is not like that. Only one face is unique in the set. We challenge you to find that one face in just eight seconds. There is no need for you to be confused. Keep your mind relaxed. We will explain the rest to you. Just follow us.

Be ready to spot the unique face.

Find the unique face from the image
Do you think just eight enough to finish this challenge?
Be confident and ready.
Clocked started ticking now.
8 seconds finished.

You can consider the previous attempt as the first round of this challenge. First of all kudos to the winners in the first round. We have to admit that they are extra-ordinary. We have arranged a second round for those who are yet to find the answer. We think it would be good to give a hint for the participants in the second round.

Hint: Uniqueness is on the sunglass

This one hint is enough to crack this challenge. Hope everyone will re-attempt the challenge after reading the hint.

Solution of Spot Unique Face Challenge:

A small change is what makes a face stand out from the crowd and become unique. So it might be a bit difficult to find. The third face in the fifth row is the unique face in the group. Take a look at those face sunglasses. There is a slight change in the color of the sunglasses.

unique face answer

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