Can You Sort Out The Brain Teaser By Spotting Three ‘ENGLAND’s in 16 Seconds?

England is an important part of the United Kingdom. Our challenge word for today is ‘ENGLAND’. The champions are the ones who crack this challenge within 16 seconds.

Spot three England challenge

Since today’s challenge word is ‘ENGLAND’, let’s discuss a few things about that country. England is the largest country in the United Kingdom. England is ahead not only in size but also in terms of population. London, the capital of the UK, is also located in England. The name England is derived from the old English word ‘Englaland’. The word ‘Englaland’ means land of Angels. It is well known to sports lovers that the country of England is the dominant force in cricket and football. I think we’ve been able to tell you something you didn’t know about the country of England.

Find ‘England’ Brain Teaser:

Can you see a picture in the background of today’s challenge picture. As you know that’s the flag of England. There are a total of 153 words in this picture. 150 of them are misspelled format of the word ‘England’. The picture has not one, but three ‘ENGLAND’. We challenge you to spot those three exactly in 16 seconds.

Here is today’s challenge picture.

Spot three England challenge
As discussed earlier, you have to find three ‘ENGLAND’.
Be ready and sort out this challenge.
Your 16 seconds starts now.
Time is up.

Hints to Spot ‘ENGLAND’:

We can help you spot the position of all three ‘ENGLAND’s.’ The hint we give is about the position of the three ‘ENGLAND’s.’

Hint: The first ‘ENGLAND’ is at the left the second one is at the right and the third one is at the right bottom.

Hope you spotted three ‘ENGLAND’s. The answer discussion is given below.

The Position of Three ‘ENGLAND’s:

The solution image of this challenge is given below. Hope you like this challenge. Then spot the ‘Election’ from the next challenge.

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