Can You Spot ‘CHELSEA’ From The Word Puzzle Within Just 11 Seconds?

There is no one who has not heard about Chelsea football club. The core of our challenge is Chelsea Football Club, which is celebrating its birthday today. But let’s get started.

Find Chelsea challenge

Chelsea is really just a small place in West London. 118 years ago to be exact, Chelsea Football Club was founded in this small town in 1905, which made this place world famous. Chelsea FC’s home ground is Stamford Bridge, located in the city of Fulham. Chelsea’s have a excellent track record in UEFA Champions League and the English Premier League.

Fun through knowledge is the idea put forward by word puzzles. Think about it now, you came to attempt this puzzle, did you not understand some information about the football club called Chelsea? One thing is clear from this, attempting puzzles is good for you in every way.

Find ‘CHELSEA’ Challenge:

In the background of today’s challenge picture, you can see the players lined up wearing Chelsea jerseys. We think you can also see a lot of the word ‘CHLESEA’ in the challenge image. It’s all the wrong format for Chelsea. But there is only one ‘CHELSEA’ in the picture. If you can find it in just 11 seconds then you can be the champion in this challenge.

Here is the Blueish challenge picture 👇

Find Chelsea challenge
We are going to start.
Remember the rules of this challenge again, You have to find ‘CHELSEA’ within 11 seconds.
Starts now.
Time ended.

Hint to Spot ‘CHELSEA’:

We think most people have already found the answer. If there are those who still haven’t found the answer, we are going to help them in the form of a hint.

Hint: Let’s divide the challenge picture to three equal parts. If so, the word ‘CHELSEA’ is on the center part.

Answer of Spot ‘CHELSEA’ Challenge:

The sixth row has the word ‘CHELSEA’ roughly in the middle. We appreciate all those who find it. Next try our find ‘Home’ challenge. Let’s see if you can continue your success in solving this challenge.

Answer of find chelsea

Image Source: SparkPDF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the importance of word puzzle?

The major importance of word puzzles are the increase in knowledge. Word puzzles not only giving us the fun. We will get lot of brief knowledges through each word puzzles.

Are word search puzzles beneficial?

No doubt. The word puzzles are beneficial for self development. We are recommending to reserve some time everyday for word puzzles.

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