Tricky Puzzle: Can you Spot the Mistake From the Picture Within 8 Seconds?

Attempting tricky puzzles is a lot of fun. As you attempt more tricky puzzles, your observation skills will improve a lot.

Can you spot the mistake

Better problem-solving skills are a major benefit of solving more tricky puzzles. It may even be used in your everyday life. It is better to start with very easy tricky puzzles in the beginning. After a while you can move on to more difficult tricky puzzles. So today we have come up with a brain teaser that anyone of you can easily try.

Find the Mistake Challenge:

There is a mistake in the challenge image provided here. Your challenge is to find it. Remember, logic has no place in tricky puzzles. Turn on your crazy mind and things will get easier. The time limit we give you to complete this challenge is 8 seconds. We hope you have a reasonable brain response time to complete this challenge within that time.

Let’s spot the mistake

Can you spot the mistake
We wish that you can spot the mistake easily
Next 8 seconds is your’s…
Time started running
Tik Tik 1 …
Tik Tik 8
Time is up.
Hope you spotted the mistake.

Hint to Find Mistake:

Put logic to one side. That was the important clue we gave you. For those who are still unable to find the mistake, I will give one more clue.

Clue: Mistake is at the first line


Hope you also got the answer. Unfortunately, the mistake is on the word ‘mistake’. Don’t you remember what I said earlier?. Solving such tricky puzzles using logic alone is impractical. You can solve tricky puzzles quickly only by activating crazy part of your mind. Try more tricky puzzles like the one you just solved. Attempting tricky puzzles is certainly fun.

Answer of Can you spot the mistake
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