Can You Trace The Diamond Ring Lost in The Carrot Field Within 13 Seconds?

A very expensive diamond ring is what you need to find in this challenge. Since this is a challenge, we will set a time bound.

Spot diamond ring in the image

Optical illusion challenges train our minds to think in tricky ways. That is, it is not possible to solve optical illusion challenges only by thinking logically. It means that we can succeed in such challenges only if we activate the crazy part of our brain. All challenges become more fun when you think crazy. This fun turns into an pleasure of accompolishment if you manage to find the answer without anyone’s help. This single thing drives netizens to seek out and solve more optical illusion challenges.

Trace the Diamond Ring Challenge:

We can see carrot cultivation area in today’s challenge image. In this picture there is a hoe and a small cart which is usually seen in the farm. We also see some rabbits stealing carrots and eating them. This is a small carrot garden. A valuable diamond ring has been lost here. Today’s challenge is to find it within 13 seconds.

You have to approach this challenge with insane focus.

Spot diamond ring in the image
The time bound decided by us to accomplish this challenge is 13 seconds
Hope you will obey the time bound.
Countdown of 13 seconds starts now.
Time is up.

Hints to Trace the Diamond Ring:

Some may have been able to spot the diamond ring right away. But some may still be looking for it. Let me give a hint for those who are still searching?.

Hint: Search at the right part carefully

Answer of Trace the Diamond Ring Challenge:

This challenge would have been more fun if you could comment below how many seconds it took you to find the diamond ring. Yes, as you can see there is a diamond ring above a carat on the left.

Image Credit: Reader’s Digest

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