A Video of a Chinese Town That Looks Like a Sci-Fi Movie is Surprising Everyone.

Chinese city looks like science fiction movie scene viral video

The rail system in city of China shown in the video gives the city a sci-fi feel. Chinese cities are surprisingly ahead of the curve in terms of infrastructure. Many countries today look to Chinese cities to learn how to lay out their cities. Better transport facilities are another area of focus. A video proving … Read More

Video of Cute Kittens Recreating Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Dance is Going Viral

Wednesday dance viral video

There is no one who has not seen Jenna Ortega’s famous Wednesday dance. Wednesday dance is in the news again through some cats. Wednesday dance is one of the things that once created a stir on social media. Jenna Ortega, who performed the Wednesday dance step, quickly rose to fame. In 2022, the world saw … Read More

Watch: Try Google India’s and Zomato’s ‘Internet Safe-Tea Recipe’ to Avoid Cyber Frauds

Internet Safe-Tea Recipe

Zomato and Google India are now posted a very interesting Instagram reel on the topic of cyber security. That video gone viral and watched by lakhs of netizens. Everything is digital today. We all know that a life is impossible without digital gadgets and internet. As everyone has gone online, frauds have also gone online. … Read More

It’s a ‘Spinning Staircase’? Video From Milan’s San Siro Stadium Goes Viral

optical illusion video from milan

An optical illusion video from Milan’s San Siro stadium, one of the world’s most famous football grounds, is now going viral. Tech Burrito, one of the most active Twitter handles, released the illusion video from the San Siro stadium a few hours ago. This eye-popping video has been viewed by more than 27 lakh people … Read More

Viral Video: A Video of the Bird Mimicking all the Sounds is Surprising the Netizens

lyrebird viral video

A video of Lyrebirds, commonly found in Australia, is now going viral on social media. A video of Lyrebird shared on Twitter is now catching everyone’s attention. Nature always surprises us. Videos of many birds and animals go viral on social media. Let’s take a look at such a video which is widely circulating on … Read More