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Conduct Certificate Format PDF

Conduct Certificate Format PDF is a common format of Conduct Certificate. Conduct Certificates are the certificates which is mostly required during in schools and colleges. Most schools and colleges are issuing conduct certificates on their letterheads and have their own format to issue a conduct certificate. Majority of authorities or institutions are accepting application for Conduct Certificate through online or offline.

Conduct Certificate also required for various situation in India. Some of them are like during employment to public and private sectors, recruitment etc. So, Character Certificate or Conduct Certificate are an essential document in many of situations in education and job sectors. Conduct certificates are also known as character certificates. But, conduct certificates are character certificates are different in legal context.

conduct certificate pdf

Conduct Certificate Format PDF Details and Image Preview:

PDF NameConduct Certificate PDF / चरित्र प्रमाण पत्र
No. of Pages1
PDF Size30 KB
BenefitTo Prove Good Character
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Types of Conduct Certificates:

There have many types of Conduct Certificates in our country. These types are formed according to the situations requiring a Conduct Certificate. Some of the types of Conduct Certificate are following:

  • Conduct or Character Certificate for schools.
  • Conduct Certificate for colleges.
  • Conduct or Behavior Certificate for employment.
  • Character Certificate for army rally.
  • Conduct Certificate for police jobs.
  • Character or Conduct Certificate for Visa or emigration.
  • Character Certificate of founder to setup a business.
  • General Conduct or Character Certificate for other purpose.

In some of these purposes, Police Clearance Certificate will do the same thing of Conduct Certificate.

Uses of Conduct Certificate:

The use of Conduct Certificate will vary with the purpose. The purpose of each each type of Conduct Certificate are following.

Schools & Colleges:

A conduct certificate in academics defines an individual’s behavior in an institutional environment across a duration of time. When a candidate applies for admission to another institute or transfers, he is granted a behavior certificate. This certificate will serve as confirmation of his good behavior throughout his time at school. Conduct certificates are mandatory documents during admissions and transfers in Indian educational institutions.

During Employment:

Conduct Certificate may be a mandatory document during joining a new employment. Many of the companies requires a Conduct Certificate from older employer of the new staff. In this case your new employer are looking to make sure the satisfactory character and background of the new staff. Companies consider this is essential for reputation of the company and safety of ther staffs.

Army Rally:

As mentioned earlier, Conduct Certificate and Character Certificate are different in legal context. But motive of both certificate are same in almost all situations. Character Certificate is an mandatory document to participate in final stages of Indian Army recruitment rally. There is a specific format for army rally conduct certificate. The character certificate submitting while rally is proving your clear background and eligible to join the army.

Government Sector & Police Recruitment:

Conduct Certificate may be mandatory for government sector jobs and police jobs. Role of police are very crucial in implementing law and order of a state. So, persons with good character and background is only eligible for police recruitment. The requirement of Conduct Certificate is subject to decisions of each state governments.

Issuing Visa:

Good Conduct Certificate may be compulsory for issuing Visa to certain countries. Conduct Certificate are not essential for issuing visiting Visa. All countries are looking to their on safety and embassies and consulates of every country looking to issue Visa only for persons with good character and background.

Setting up of Business:

The good Conduct Certificate of founder of business may be required to setup business in specific areas. It’s very best to implement a Conduct Certificate rule for every employee to increase reputation of a company.

Documents to Submit While Applying For Conduct Certificate:

Following documents are not mandatory. These documents are may or may not required and it depends on authority of issuing conduct certificate.

  • Aadhar card of candidate
  • Secondary certificate
  • HSE certificate
  • Certificates of other educational qualifications
  • Voter ID card
  • Ration card
  • Any other documents like passport, birth certificate etc.
  • Passport size photo (if have a photo field on certificate)

In most situations educational qualification certificates are only required to issue an conduct certificates. So ask concerned authority for list documents required for issuing an conduct certificate.

Fields to Fill on Conduct Certificate:

Following are the mandatory details to fill on conduct certificate:

  • Name of candidate
  • Name of guardian
  • Permanent address
  • Years of conduct
  • Date
  • Signature of authorizing person
  • Official seal of authorizing person

Authorities Eligible to Sign a Conduct Certificate:

There have specific list of authorities eligible for signing in a Conduct Certificate. The list of eligible authorities will change with the purpose or requirement. Following are the authorities eligible for issuing a Conduct Certificate.

  • Headmaster or Principle of a school and college.
  • Police officers.
  • Government officers.
  • Civil Service officers.
  • Representatives like MLA, MP, Member of local body etc.

Validity of Conduct Certificate:

There have no specific validity for a Conduct Certificate. Commonly, the Conduct Certificate will issue for a specific purpose and single use. According to various situations, Conduct Certificates older than six months are not acceptable for purpose.

How to Apply For an Conduct Certificate:

The procedure to apply for a conduct certificates are through offline mode only. May be, the online mode is available on some institutions.

Offline Procedure to Apply For a Age Certificate:

  • Take a clear printout of Conduct Certificate format.
  • Fill all relevant fields in certificates. You must fill it in neat handwriting.
  • Double check filled fields and attach documents relevant documents.
  • Submit Conduct certificate and documents to head of institution or concerned authority.
  • Issuing of conduct certificate after verification.

The Conduct Certificate provided below is a common format of Conduct Certificates. There may have a specific format for Conduct Certificate for your purpose. We are requesting you to discuss with respective authority for format of Conduct Certificate.

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