Optical Illusion Test: Do You Have Observation Skill to Spot Parrot Within 8 Seconds?

Let’s try a new optical illusion challenge today. You have to spot a parrot within a time bound to win this challenge.

Find the hidden parrot

Optical illusion challenges are the best way to test your intelligence and observation skills. Optical illusions have the ability to hold our focus for a while. Our brain is a great wonder. Such challenges are an opportunity for us to understand about its function. Studies show that many optical illusion challenges have the ability to bring out our personality and desire. Today we come with a very simple optical illusion test. Let’s discuss it further.

Spot the Parrot Challenge:

Today’s challenge picture is an overall green one. It appears to be a photograph from a small forest. There are some trees and leaves in it. There is also a parrot in this picture. You can finish this challenge successfully If you can find it in just 8 seconds.

Let’s spot the parrot hiding on the forest.

Find the parrot
You have just eight seconds to finish this challenge. I think that’s enough for you.
Clocked started running
Time ended

Hint to Spot the Parrot:

We know that most people would have spotted the parrot in just five seconds. We don’t think you really need a hint to spot the parrot. But maybe it would have been better if gotten a hint for straggling contestants. Let me give you a hint for such people.

Hint: Parrot is clearly visible and it is resting on a branch of tree

We hope you will reattempt the challenge after reading the hint. This time the time bound will be just five seconds.

Countdown starts now. 5..4..3..2..1.. Time is up. Hope you also got it.

Spot the Parrot Challenge Conclusion:

The parrot is at the far end on the left side. A parrot is resting on a tree branch. The bright green color of the parrot and the leaves made your eyes fool. If this is successfully completed then try the challenge to find the frog.

parrot is at the tree answer
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