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Brain Teaser: Find the Missing Number in Series Within Next 25 Seconds

Let’s ready to shake your brain for next few seconds. This is too easy exercise if you know the core of these kind of challenges.

Find MIssing Number in Series

It is said that if you practice more brain teasers, your fear will go away. One’s mind becomes strong when one constantly faces challenges. Are you ready to change your fear? If so, know more about this challenge. Finding the missing number or finding the next number in a series is the simplest math based problem. In today’s challenge you have to find the next number in the series. As seen in the image above the series is 3, 3, 4, 3, 4, 6, 2, 4. You have to find the next number within next 25 seconds.

Are you ready to find the next number?

Find MIssing Number in Series
You have 25 seconds to crack this puzzle.
Time has expired.
I think you got the number.

We know, everyone is not a mathematics freak. So it’s ok to fail. It’s fine to take few seconds more to solve this challenge. But, the real winners are the participants who cracked this puzzle within first 25 seconds. You can look to the solution shared below if you are still struggling. Please don’t make it as a habit😊.

Spoiler Alert… ⚠️

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