Find Number of The Word ‘Australia’ in The Word Puzzle Within 17 Seconds

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world. Along with this challenge, we have a few more things to say about Australia. But let’s get into it.

Find how many Australia in this puzzle
Find ‘Australia’ Challenge

Australia is the only country known by the name of the continent itself. Despite being a large country, ninety percent of Australia’s people live on the coast. This means that all major cities are located near the sea. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Australia? The first thing that comes to mind for most people is the kangaroo. Kangaroos are only found in Australia in the world. Canberra is the capital city of Australia but the largest city is Brisbane. One of the largest cricket grounds in the world, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is located in Australia, which is exciting for cricket lovers. Our policy is knowledge through brain teasers. That’s why we discussed a few things about Australia in the beginning. But let’s move on to the challenge.

‘Australia’ Challenge:

The official flag of Australia is added in the background of today’s challenge picture. Australia’s flag is very similar to flag of countries like USA and UK. You can see many words in the picture. All of it is the misspelled format of Australia. The today’s challenge for you is to find how many ‘Australia’ this picture have. Try to complete it in just 17 seconds.

Let’s find the number of ‘Australia’s..

Find how many Australia in this puzzle
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Remember, count number of ‘Australia’ within 17 seconds
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Find ‘Australia’ Challenge Hint:

I think some peoples have already found an ‘Australia’. But the real winners are those who find the real number of ‘Australia’. We know that some are still struggling to find even first ‘Australia’. For those who are worried, we will give a hint.

Hint: There is more than two ‘Australia’ on the picture. Let me tell you the spot of first two ‘Australia’. The first two ‘Australia’ is on the left part of the picture.

Never give up and we are recommending to reattempt this challenge after reading the hint.

‘Australia’ Challenge Answer:

There is three ‘Australia’ on the challenge picture. The first ‘Australia’ is at the forth row and the second and third one is at the eleventh row. If you like this challenge, then find ‘Come’ among lot of ‘Came’.

Answer of spot how many Australia in this puzzle
Find ‘Australia’ Challenge Answer

Image Credit: SparkPDF

‘Australia’ Challenge – FAQ:

What does to spot something mean?

You have to find something from a picture or real place in such scenarios. If this is done as part of any challenges, there may be a time bound for spotting.

What are word games?

Word games are the brain teasers created based on words. Crossword puzzles are the best example for the word games.

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