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Brain IQ Test: Find the Ball From the Beach Within 10 Seconds

A ball is missing on the beach seen in the picture. You have to find it within ten seconds. That’s today’s challenge for you.

find ball from beach

You might be someone who has come across many such optical illusion images. If so, you can easily solve this challenge. But for someone who has never encountered any optical illusion images before, this one is no small feat. There is only one thing to say to such people. Don’t back down if you fail at this one. Facing lot of this kind of challenges will sharpen your brain.

You can see a picture of beach above. You have to solve that image. Too many peoples are there doing various things. One of them lost his ball. He has been looking for it for a long time. You have to help him to find it. You are given only 10 seconds. Reminds you that there are many objects in this picture that look like balls. Make sure you find the real ball.

Let’s go to the challenge.

find ball from beach
Spot the ball from the image within 10 seconds. You can do it.
Countdown begins
Time is up …
Hope you done it…

Consider yourself successful if you go this one. There may be people who cannot solve this problem in 10 seconds. They can wait another 10 seconds and re-attempt. If you still can’t find it, you can check the answer given below.

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