Brain Teaser: Spot Three Bananas Hidden Among Lot of Minions Within 15 Seconds

Minions are everyone’s favorite characters. Today we bring you an optical illusion brain teaser based around minions.

Find Bananas Among Minions Challenge

Many optical illusion challenges that keep our mind curious are now going viral among netizens. Most of them can be solved quickly if you have good observation skills. Majority of optical illusion challenges are great brain teasers. The more we attempt, the more optical illusion challenges become a charm for us. That’s why there are people who regularly participate in such challenges in their free time. Groups for such people are actively working on various social media platforms.

Brain Teaser Around Your Favorite Minions:

Aren’t minions our favorite characters? Especially about children. The Minions character made his debut in the 2010 animated comedy film ‘Despicable Me’. Minions became world famous with the animated film ‘Minions’ released in 2015. Since then, Minions have become a wave. Toys in the form of minions are also in high demand. As can be seen in the challenge picture, many types of minions have come as characters in movies and series. You can see a lot of minions in the challenge picture given above. There are three bananas hidden among that minion’s. Your mission is to find it. You have only 15 seconds to crack this challenge.

Let’s go and find the bananas

Find Bananas Among Minions Challenge
Bananas and minions are the same color, so you can spot bananas only if you look carefully.
Clock started ticking. Remember, 15 seconds is your time limit.
Time expired & Hope you spotted all bananas.

I hope you managed to decode the challenge image. But some may not have been able to find all three bananas within the time allotted by us. You may have noticed that the minion’s hands prevent us from spotting the bananas correctly. After a hint, maybe you can find all three bananas in 15 seconds. The hint give below is about the location of bananas.

Hint: One in the top middle, one in the bottom right and another one is at the bottom left.

You have probably seen many images like the one you just attempted here before. So you might be wondering who creates such cool pictures. Such optical illusion brain teasers are mainly produced by an artist called Gergely Dudás, also known as Dudolf. In addition to producing such films, Gergely Dudás is also the author of several books. All creations of Dudolf’s are child-friendly.

Answer of Find Bananas Among Minions:

Answer Marked Image is given below. You can confirm whether your answer is correct by looking at it.

solution of find the bananas among minions

Image Credit: Gergely Dudás

Find Bananas Among Minions Challenge – FAQ’s:

What is brain teaser?

Brain teasers are kind of brain games have to solve through unconventional thinking. We can classify that majority of optical illusion challenges are brain teasers.

What are the advantages of solving Brian teasers?

Solving brain teasers are the best exercises that can give for your mind. Increasing memory and concentration is the main advantages of brain teasers.

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