Math Puzzle: Can you Find the Missing Number Within 30 Seconds?

Math puzzles are the best way to revive your mind and brain. Continuously attempting math puzzles will take you to the next level.

Find the missing number

Math puzzles aren’t just for math freaks. Anyone can solve math puzzles with a little effort. Math puzzles can get your brain to a challenging mood by overcoming hesitation. You know that success is not possible without bringing the brain into challenging mode. Therefore, attempting math puzzles is totally worth it. Let’s discuss about todays challenge.

Take a close look at the picture above. Can’t you see the four circles? Many numbers are also given inside those four circles. Among them one number is missing. Your mission is to find it. Aren’t you ready to take your brain to a challenging mood? Hope you can find the answer to this puzzle within 30 seconds.

Let’s find the missing number

Find the missing number
A number from fourth circle is missing
Next 30 seconds is your time limit
Time started running
Time running out
Hope you got the missing number

You have spent the last 30 seconds thinking about how to solve this math puzzle. Some may have achieved it in no time. But some may still be struggling. We will give a hint for such people.

Hint: The solving of this puzzle is based on multiplication

I hope you have solved this puzzle by now. Anyway, we are sharing the answer of this math puzzle below. Although it may take some time, you are requested to look at the answer given below only after you find the answer yourself.

Image Credit: SparkPDF

Answer of Find the missing number 2

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