Mathematics Freaks Can Only Find The Next Number Within 40 Seconds

Math puzzles can explode your thinking process for few seconds. Today we are here with a math puzzle that can explode your whole brain.

Find the next number

Some people think that math puzzles are only for children. But understand that your perception is wrong. Math puzzles are for kids as well as adults. The main feature of math puzzles is that it helps to increase IQ. We do not guarantee that solving one or two math puzzles will increase your IQ level. If you start solving math puzzles regularly with persistence, your IQ level will surely increase. In this age of internet, many math puzzles are available at your fingertips. The challenge you have to overcome is to be willing to do it.

You will see six numbers in the challenge picture. But the fourth number is missing in this. All you have to do is find it. We know that this is not an easy challenge for those who are not familiar with mathematics. But give it a try. We set a time limit of 40 seconds to create an urgency. Hope you can complete this challenge within prescribed time.

Can you find the missing number?

Find the next number
Next 40 seconds is your’s …
Remember that you can easily crack this puzzle if you figure out the relationship between these numbers.
Clock started running …
Time running out …
Hope you like this challenge.

If you have attempted to crack this challenge then you are a winner. The reason is that you are able to lift your brain from laziness mood to challenging mode. We know that only a very small percentage of people have been able to solve this puzzle. The official answer is given below with justification. If you are unable to reach the answer despite your best efforts, you can check the answer given below.

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