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Math Puzzle: Are you a Genius to Find the Value of A,B,C & D Within 18 Seconds?

Here we are provided a simplest format of math puzzle. It’s proven that the math puzzles will drastically improve analytical and numerical skills of a person.

Find the value of ABCD

First of all, we will discuss some benefits of the math puzzles. As we told earlier, math puzzles will improve numerical and analytical skills. After facing several math puzzles you may also feel a improved concentration and comprehension. Math puzzles are a total package for boosting capacity of your brain. Also, it’s great that you have chosen to attempt a math puzzle over time wasting in social medias.

You have to find the value A, B, C & D from the picture. It’s too easy if you taken tests like this before. This is the time to prove yourself. Let’s do it.

Are you ready to find value of A, B, C & D?

Find the value of ABCD
You have 18 seconds to solve this math puzzle
Your time starts now
Tik Tik 1 …
Tik Tik 10 …
Tik Tik 18
Time is up.
Hope you won the mission.

How is your experience?. Solving these kind of puzzle is simple about a mathematics freak and not about a beginner. We are advising you to never look at the solution provided below. First of all you must find an answer by taking more time. Then you can look to the solution to compare with your findings.

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