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Math Challenge: If you are a Genius, Find the Value of Star Within Few Seconds

Are you ready to solve this challenge. Anyone have a basic numerical skills and strategic thinking can solve this challenge within few steps.

Find the value of star

Let me tell you some hidden benefits of math puzzles before diving in to today’s challenge. Following are the unique benefits which can gain by solving math challenges.

  • Solving too many math challenges will turn on your creative thinking part
  • Quick responding brain
  • Able your brain to solve complicated equations in the future
  • You may feel more energetic and focused after solving a challenging puzzle

You can see some squares and stars on the challenge image. The equations given on the image is already solved. Here, your mission is to find value of star. Never stress you too much. It’s easier than you think.

Let’s find value of star

Find the value of star
We hope you can find value of star easily
Next 15 seconds is your’s…
Time is up.
Thanks for participation.

You will get more confidence by solving more math puzzles. Never feel disappointed if you are failed in this mission. The answer of this math challenge is shared below. Have a look on it after putting maximum effort from your side. Please try to attempt more challenges like this in future.

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