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Optical Illusion Test: Do you have a Sharp Brain to Spot ‘Cowboy’ Within 12 Seconds?

Sharp brained persons can easily find a answer for this challenge. For others, you have to train your brain with challenges to optimize your brain for sharpness.

Find Cowboy

Do you know the meaning of Cowboy?. Commonly the animal herders are known as cowboy in America. ‘Cowbay’ is the wrong spelled format of ‘Cowboy’. We are included just one ‘Cowboy’ on the challenge image. Your mission is to find it out. Remember to not take more than 12 seconds to finish this challenge.

Optical illusion challenges are very popular and viral content across social media. High visual literacy is the backbone of solving optical illusion challenges faster.

Wishing you best luck

Find Cowboy
As per challenge instruction, every participants have to find out the word ‘Cowboy’.
Next 12 seconds is your’s… Please turn on the stopwatch on mobile or watch to get start the challenge.
Clock started ticking…
Time is up.
Thanks for participation.

We will give a clue for those who still struggling to find out ‘Cowboy’. It’s recommended to reattempt the test after reading the clue provided by us.

Hint: The word 'Cowboy' is at the upper side of the picture.

The official solution of this challenge is shared below. Have a look on it for confirming your findings.

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