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Optical Illusion Challenge: Find the Word ‘Google’ Within 12 Seconds

Google is one of the most valuable brands in the world. Here we are going to bring Google to the optical illusion challenge.

Find Google

Let me tell you one thing, Don’t allow your own eyes to fool you. That’s very important to crack optical illusion challenges. Optical illusion challenges are for to both adults, children and kids. Optical illusion challenges are the best way to bring our attention to the present. Yes, it’s like a meditation. Attempting too many optical illusion puzzles in a long term will bring you more visual literacy and brain sharpness.

We are very glad that you choose to face this challenge over your comfort zone. Let me describe about this challenge. I know you can rows and columns filled with the word ‘Goagle’. But there is a unique word included in the challenge picture. That is ‘Google’. Your mission for next 12 seconds is to find it out.

Let’s spot the real ‘Google’

Find Google
We wish that you can spot ‘Google’ easily
Next 12 seconds is your’s…

Time is up.
Thanks for participation.

How is the challenge?. Please share your experience on comments. If you can find the answer within 12 seconds, you have excellent visual literacy. The official answer from our side is shared below.

Image Source: SparkPDF

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