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Optical Illusion Puzzle: Find the Word ‘Pen’ From the Image Within 8 Seconds

There are too many optical illusion tests are available on Internet. It’s worthful to spend time of challenges like this.

Find Pen

As told earlier, optical illusion images are the best thing to sharpen your brain within few weeks. Challenging optical illusion tests continuously make you visually more polite. Are you unable to focus on productive things due to brain fog?. This is an mind freshening challenge for such peoples.

Today, we are released a new challenge image for you. As you know, there are too many types of optical illusion images. The kind of image we are released here is an word type optical illusion challenge. Hope you like it. You can too many ‘Pan’ on the image. But, there is a ‘Pen’ hiding among lot of ‘Pan’. You must find ‘Pen’ within eight seconds to accomplish this challenge.

Let’s go to the challenge.

Find Pen
Spot the word ‘Pen’ within 8 seconds
Your time starts now
Time is up …
Hope you got the ‘Pen’

The winner is those who find the ‘Pen’ within eight seconds. If you are taking longer it means you need to improve. You can do it by practicing tests like this regularly. Comment below how long it took you to find ‘Pen’. Also check the solution given below and confirm your finding is correct.

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