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Brain Challenge: Find Treasure From the Undersea Within 13 Seconds

Here, You have to spot the treasure from the undersea. There is a time bound to won this challenge. That is 13 seconds.

find treasure from undersea

Can there really be treasure under the sea? Maybe there will be. There may still be treasure buried under the sea from a shipwreck many years ago. Anyway, what is given here is a fictional picture. Find the treasure from this picture. There is not much time. In just 13 seconds.

You can see many objects and creatures in this picture. You can see many things including octopus, crabs and small fishes. Among all this is this treasure. You are expected to try to find the treasure within 13 seconds.

Let’s track the treasure

find treasure from undersea
You are a treasure hunter here. Hope you will put your best efforts.
Find treasure within just 13 seconds. Your time starts now.

Time is up …
Hope you done it…

Hopefully you found the treasure within 13 seconds. Anyone can solve this challenge if given a lot of time. But that doesn’t matter. The one who found the treasure in just 13 seconds is really talented. Let me give you a clue for those who are still worried about not finding the treasure. Take a closer look at the right side of the picture. Now you might have found it too. The solution is shared below to make sure the answer you found is correct.

Image Credit: Bright Side

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