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Optical Illusion: Can you Spot the Word ‘CRUSH’ Within 15 Seconds?

Optical illusion challenges are to free the mind. Optical illusion tests can also increase the overall capacity of the brain.

Find Word Crush

The optical illusion test presented here is the least challenging type. So hopefully most people can complete it in less time. Constantly solving small optical illusion challenges like this will prepare you to take on bigger challenges in the future. Can we enter to the challenge?

Can you see a lot of ‘CRASH’ text in the above image?. But one of the word is bit little different and that is ‘CRUSH’. You have to spot where this one word is in this picture. Since this is a challenge, it should be solved within 15 seconds.

Let’s take the challenge

Find Word Crush
As discussed earlier, you have to find the word ‘CRUSH’
Yours 15 seconds starts now.
Your time ended
Hope you spotted the answer

Congratulations to those who found the answer within 15 seconds. If you don’t get the answer, take another 15 seconds and try again. Let us give you a hint.

Hint: It's on the upper side.

Those who followed Hint would have been able to find the answer within 5 seconds. It would be more interesting if you comment below how long it took you to find the answer. Below is the image with the word ‘CRUSH’ spotted. ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘‡

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