5 Amazing Benefits of Solving Brain Teasers and Puzzles

benefits of brain teasers
5 Benefits of Brain Teasers

These days, brain teasers and puzzles are everywhere on the internet. As a result, most adults ignore these puzzles, assuming it is supposed to be for children, and never investigate their benefits. In reality, brain teasers and puzzles provide numerous advantages for adults too. Putting yourself through these brain teasers and puzzles is beneficial to both your mind and body.

Benefits of Solving Brain Teasers

Let’s discuss top five benefits of solving brain teasers and puzzles in-detail.

Enhance Memory and Concentration:

Most of the time, the brain teasers appear simple, but they become difficult to solve because you must remember a word, shape, or an object, which requires exceptional memory skills. that’s why solving brain games like puzzles and brain teasers regularly may help you to boost your memorizing skill, and it also helps to focus by making you concentrate on one task at a time. According to research, working on a brain teaser or puzzle improves mental speed and short-term memory by strengthening the interactions between brain cells (neurons). so Take your time and concentrate on the puzzle.

Increase Productivity and IQ:

Increase productivity and iq

Mental exercise that tests your brain power with numbers or word puzzles is an excellent way to improve your cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities. may boost your brain’s activity, and for solving these kinds of puzzles, you need unconventional or out of the box thinking. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of the other advantages of puzzles is that they contribute to boosting your productivity and IQ (intelligence quotient).

Helps to Escalate Your Attention Span:

Brain teasing puzzles might help you to enhance your attention span by solving tricky brain teasing puzzles on a regular basis. Just start with simple puzzles and try to concentrate on your targeted word or whatever it is. If you did not find the answer on the first try, be calm and stick to your target. You will find the answer shortly. Eventually you will get the key idea to solving most puzzles simply.

In the modern world of technology, a study shows that the average human attention span is approximately 12 seconds. But when comparing Generation Z with millennials, the average attention span of someone born in Generation Z is about 8 seconds. Taking this into consideration as a legitimate point, we can see how the rapidly growing technology effected our younger generations. Of course, a short attention span may not directly affect your health, but there are chances that it will affect your social, personal, and professional life. If you are a parent, note this and help your children boost their attention span.

Exercise For Both Sides of the Brain:

Solving brain teaser puzzles helps you by keeping your brain and mind “fit” and “healthy”. Your brain has two sides, each of which is primarily responsible for different functions. The right side of the brain is frequently more involved in creativity, visual intuition, and emotional intuition. The left side of the brain is more involved in verbal memory, analytical and logical tasks. Therefore, your brain needs a true exercise that constantly challenges you and pushes you farther.

A brain teaser demands you remember words, shapes, or patterns. Doing a stimulating brain teaser or puzzle engages both sides of the brain, which helps to improve your overall cognitive function. So, it boosts your brain’s activity by encouraging logical thinking, uplifting your learning and analytical abilities, and also encouraging creativity.

Improve Your Self-Esteem:

Improve self esteem

In this competitive world, life may be difficult at times. We have a tendency to overthink, which may reflect issues in our lives that can be damaging to our mental and emotional well-being. We won’t have much idle time to overthink if we keep our thoughts occupied and busy. So brain teasers and puzzles might give your mind something to concentrate on. It’s both calming and enjoyable. When you answer a brain teaser or a puzzle, you end up releasing your happy hormone “dopamine”, a major stimulator of the brain’s reward system, and you get a sense of accomplishment. So why not give it a try?


Revamp your thinking technique and warm up your brain by solving tricky brain teasers regularly. The interesting thing about brain teasers is that there are plenty to pick from, so you’ll always find something fresh to try every time. So why do you hesitate to exercise your brain?

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