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Honda Activa 6G Spare Parts Price List PDF are available here to download with latest price of all Activa 6G spare parts. Honda Activa is one of the leading scooter in the world with sale of more than two and half crores. Honda also manufacturing many models of scooters and bikes. But, Activa’s are all time best seller around the world. Honda Activa 6G is a latest launched model of Honda Activa after 4G & 5G. Honda Activa 6G is more fuel efficient than 5G. This article contain all must know information regarding Activa 6G model. You can download Honda Activa 6G Spare Parts Price List PDF from link given at the end of this article.

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Honda Activa 6G Variants:

Honda Activa 6G is launched in two variants, that is standard and deluxe. There have only one difference with standard and deluxe variants. The Deluxe variant is equipped with LED headlights and standard variant is equipped with halogen headlight. As you know, LED lights much better than halogen lights and it’s have more durability. Like Activa 6G, Activa 5G also have standard and deluxe variants.

Honda Activa 6G Features:

Honda Activa 6G is launched on 15th January 2021 by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India [HMSI]. There have many unique features in Activa 6G. Some of them are following.

Colors of Honda Activa 6G:

The brand new Activa 6G is available in six color options. The color variants are Dazzle Yellow Metallic, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, Glitter Blue Metallic, Pearl Spartan Red, Black & Pearl Precious White. The recent version of Activa, which is 5G have eight color options. Here, when coming to 6G, Honda limited colors to six by analyzing demand of each color.

Dimensions of Activa 6G:

Honda Activa 6G are coming with same dimensions of Activa 5G. The dimensions are 1,761 mm of length, 710 mm of width, 1,158 mm of height. 6G have a amazing ground clearance of 153 mm and the wheelbase is 1,238 mm long. The weight of one unit of Honda Activa 6G are 107 kg, which is 2-3 kg less than Activa 5G.

BS6 Compliant:

Honda Activa 6G is BS6 norms compliant vehicle. By following BS6 norms, Activa 6G are polluting air in low level. As you know, Activa 5G is a BS-IV compliant vehicle and Honda launched 6G model very suddenly when government released BS6 norms. This is appreciable Eco-friendly move by Honda because Activa’s are one of the most selling vehicle in India.

External Fuel Fill:

External fuel fill is a major feature included in 6G, when comparing to Activa 5G. As you know, external fuel fill is very helpful in filling fuel without getting out from scooter. Now, the fuel lid is placed at the upper end of taillight. External fuel fill is long term need of the Activa lovers. The fuel tank of Activa 6G have capacity of 5.3 Liters.

Combi Brake System:

Honda Activa 6G have a Combi Brake System, which is helpful for shorter breaking distance and comfort during sudden braking. Honda started implementing this system on scooter models from 2009.

Programmed Fuel Injection [PGM-FI]:

This is a major feature of Honda Activa 6G. Programmed Fuel Injection [PGM-FI] is a sensor based system helps for better fuel efficiency. The PGM-FI system will adjust the air or fuel mixture according to the riding mode. This system also helpful to start vehicle at any weather.

Silent Start with ACG:

Alternating Current Generator (ACG) is equipped in Activa 6G for a silent start. ACG will remove gear meshing noise during starting of the vehicle and also helpful to reduce engine maintenance.

Front Wheel with Telescopic Suspension:

In India, rough and damaged roads are very common. Honda given bigger front wheel to Activa 6G for avoiding problems facing during driving through bad roads. The telescopic Suspension given to front wheel make sure that comfortable journey of passengers.

Good Instrument Panel & Engine Kill Switch:

The Instrument Panel of Honda Activa 6G are very attractive to see and included even macro details on the panel. As like other models, Activa 6G also have a start/stop button on the handle. The well functioning start/stop button will help you to save fuel during traffic blocks

Under Seat Storage Space:

From beginning of Activa launch, Honda are focused on providing good storage space under the seat. Driver can keep helmets at under seat storage space easily and safely.

Metal body panels:

Activa 6G have good quality metal body panels. Fine plastic also used In some parts like front side. The metal body panels are looking impressive and ensures safety of the vehicle.

Honda Activa 6G Mileage:

Mileage is another highlight of Honda Activa 6G. Honda promising 10 percentage of more mileage on 6G than other Activa models. Honda achieved more mileage in 6G by reprogramming the engine.

Warranty of Activa 6G:

The brand new Activa 6G are coming with a three year warranty. There also have option for additional warranty of another three years at extra cost.

Pricing of Honda Activa 6G:

Ex-showroom pricing of the Honda Activa 6G standard are more than 63K which is 7K more than the Activa 5G model. Honda charging 65K for a Activa 6G deluxe variant. So, there will be two thousand rupees difference between standard and deluxe variants. The pricing mentioned here is approximate and there may be change in pricing in accordance with various factors.

Warning For Activa 6G Users:

Honda are recommending their customers to find a authorized service centers for servicing their scooters and bikes. Honda have network of service centers across all major cities of the country. The pricing at authorized service centers are decided by Honda company and it’s reasonable. Your Activa 6G will get a good care at Honda service centers. Never place a duplicate spare parts at your scooter and it may damage the whole engine system.

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