Brain Puzzle: If You Have an Eagle Eye, Spot The Word ‘GOLF’ Within 12 Seconds

Are your ready to play golf challenge?. Now, we are here with a new challenge based on the sport name ‘GOLF’. It’s worth to give it a try on this brain puzzle.

Find The Word Golf

There are many types of puzzles. Brain teasers and optical illusion challenges all belong to the puzzle category. We must understand that even solving Rubik’s cubes is a kind of puzzle. Puzzles help us to build better productivity in daily life. Solving multiple puzzles daily has become a hobby for some people. It is definitely a great hobby. Visual literacy of such people will be very good. And such people never fall into the lazy trap.

Spot ‘Golf’ Challenge:

Golf is a very popular sport around the world. Since 2016, golf has also become a permanent sports at the Olympics. Anyway, our today’s challenge is based on the word ‘GOLF’. All you have to do is find the word ‘Golf’ from the challenge picture. You have 12 seconds. Try your best. If still not possible, we will give you a clue. Through that you can also complete this challenge.

Are you ready?

Find The Word Golf
Remember, 12 seconds is your time limit.
Be confident, this challenge is not too tough.
Clocked started ticking now.
Time ended

Clue to Solve Spot ‘GOLF’:

Did you spotted ‘GOLF’?. Let me give you a clue for those who haven’t figured it out yet. Try again after reading the clue.

Clue: It’s on the left side of the picture

Solution of Spot ‘Golf’ Challenge:

What do you think about this challenge? Hope ‘GOLF’ challenge was too easy for majority of contestants. As you can see ‘GOLF’ is in the middle on the left side of the image. We recommend ‘Mother‘ and ‘Wednesday‘ challenges for those who enjoyed this challenge.

Image Source: SparkPDF

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