If You Think You Are Clever, Then Find The Odd Football From The Lineup Within 9 Seconds

Football is the most popular sport in the world. There is no one who does not like football. How about we attempt a football challenge today?

Find odd football

The sport of football doesn’t seem to need much introduction to you. Football is a sport with more than 100 years of tradition. Football is the game played by Pele and Maradona. Now, which football player is your favorite?. We know that you definitely have a answer for that question. Anyway, you will not get bored by telling more about football. Let’s move on to the challenge.

Find Odd Football Mind Teaser:

Can you see a lot of footballs lined up in today’s challenge picture? A football is a bit different in that. You have to figure out which is that different football is. How long will it take you to solve this puzzle? Anyway we set a time limit of 9 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Let’s spot the unique football from the lineup.

Find the odd football
9 seconds is the time bound decided by us.
Try your level best to crack this challenge within the time bound.
Your time starts now.
Time ended
If you were able to find the odd football within 9 seconds, you must be proud of yourself.

Hint to Find Odd Football:

Do you want any hint to crack this challenge. If ‘yes’, we will provide you with that. You can try this challenge again after reading the hint.

Hint: The odd football is at the upper portion of the picture

How is this challenge. We are sure that you also found the odd football from the lineup. Let’s discuss answer officially below.

Solution of Find Odd Football:

As you can see, the odd football is at the third row. There is a visible change on the unique football. The position of black mark is different in case of odd football.

spot the odd football answer

Image Credit: quizpost.me


How to find the odd one answer?

You have to do one thing to find the odd answer. You must look to the objects carefully. Then try to compare doubtful objects with others.

What is the meaning of find the odd one out?

Find odd one challenges have a lot of identical objects lined up. All you have to do is find one unique object from it.

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