Watch: Try Google India’s and Zomato’s ‘Internet Safe-Tea Recipe’ to Avoid Cyber Frauds

Zomato and Google India are now posted a very interesting Instagram reel on the topic of cyber security. That video gone viral and watched by lakhs of netizens.

Internet Safe-Tea Recipe

Everything is digital today. We all know that a life is impossible without digital gadgets and internet. As everyone has gone online, frauds have also gone online. A little carelessness on our part often leads to a cyber loot. Banks and governments keep reminding us about cyber security, but the reality is that many people don’t take it seriously. Google, the technology giant, now released a video on Instagram with the aim of creating awareness among the public about cyber security. Google India released the video through their Instagram page in association with Zomato, India’s leading food delivery company.

The video is posted on Instagram with the caption: ‘Now serving: A hot cup of cyber safe-tea’. The talk of the cyberspace today is the seconds-long ‘Internet safe-tea recipe’ Instagram reel. As we know, most of the frauds on the Internet are done by stealing passwords. The ‘Internet safe-tea recipe’ tells us how to create a good password to prevent it.

Things are told to us in the way that a tea is made. Here ‘Password’ is the pot where the tea is made. The reel begins by placing it on a gas stove that is turned on and then adding the ingredients to make a good ‘Password’. Water is first poured into the vessel. It is marked as ‘Uppercase Letter’. Then added tea powder. ‘Lowercase Letters’ are tea powder. Then add sugar and pour milk. Sugar is ‘Special Characters’ and milk is ‘Numbers’. The video makes us understand that we get a good password when all these are combined. But Google and Zomato remind us that this alone is not enough. Google and Zomato say that we are safer when we add 2-step verification too, which showing in the video in the form of a filter.

Reactions to the Instagram reel:

Many interesting comments have been posted below the video. Someone commented that the creator of this video is the best content creator of the year. Another person has commented that ‘from today I call my password as tea’. There are also those who comment that my password is as strong as this. Some argue that making passwords strong increases the risk of forgetting them.

Within hours of being posted, the reel has got lakhs of views and more than 26,000 likes. Cyber crimes are increasing every year in India. This video reminds us that setting good passwords and turning on 2-step verification can help reduce this to some extent.

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