Is Your Brain Sharp to Find The Word ‘Home’ From The Word Puzzle in 9 Seconds?

The core of this challenge is the word ‘Home’. Try this challenge. We can guide you. Wish you all the best.

Find word home
Find ‘Home’ Word Puzzle

Have you ever wondered how word puzzles improve you beyond just trying to pass the time? Now let me tell you one of the many benefits you get from word puzzles. Word puzzles can improve your mood. The pleasure you get when you solve each word puzzle successfully improves your mood. Needless to say, improving our mood also improves our concentration. There are those among us who attend word puzzles just to improve our mood.

Find ‘Home’ Challenge:

You can see a very nice animated home in the background of the picture. And a lot of words. Do you know what you should do? I’ll say it again for those who don’t know. You have to find the only ‘Home’ in the challenge image. That too in just 9 seconds. Are you confident that you can complete this mission? But let’s move on to the challenge.

Let’s spot the ‘Home’.

Find word home
Put your best efforts to this challenge.
We are going to start the challenge soon.
Countdown starts now.
9 seconds finished.
Strugglers can reattempt the challenge by reading the hint provided below.

Hint to Spot ‘Home’:

Did you manage to find ‘Home’ within the time given by us?. Congratulations to those who did. But we know that some have not. Have you ever wondered why some didn’t make it? Some were unable to do so due to their very low visual literacy. Such people can increase their visual literacy by attempting many word puzzles. Let us now return to the discussion of the challenge you are attempting. Try to find ‘Home’ using the hint given below.

Hint: The ‘Home’ is on the left side

You can look to the answer given below after trying your level best.

Answer of Find ‘Home’ Challenge:

You can view the word ‘Home’ on the left of seventh row. Do you like this challenge. The we are recomending the ‘Form’ among lot of ‘From’ challenge.

Find ‘Home’ Challenge Answer

Image Credit: SparkPDF


What is puzzle word game?

Puzzle word games are the brain teasers based on words. There are many types of puzzle word game including crosswords. The challenge you just attempted is the simplest form of puzzle word games.

What are the benefits of word puzzles?

Word puzzles have too many benefits. Improvement of vocabulary is the key benefit of word puzzles. problem solving skills and attention span is other benefits.

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